Friday, July 22, 2016

TFMW Custom builds in the Repair shop

#TFMW custom builds 'Buzzkill' & 'Smokey Robinson' in The Factory Metal Works Repair and Service Shop

Did you know? #tfmw has a full service and repair shop! We will work on any make, model or year motorcycle...and specialize in it! We can breath new life into that old bike. Most other bike mechanics turn away or, even worse, take on a project they cannot properly do. This never ends good. Jobs are left done incorrectly, commonly leaving your bike worse than it was before you even brought it in..with hundreds of dollars spent and nothing to show for it. We are here for you! Do you have a build you started and realized you just got stuck OR have no desire to finish it, but you've got a bunch of money and time in it and just want it finished? WE DO THAT TOO! Give us a call, or come on down to our shop & we'll take care of your bike and get you on the road again!