Tuesday, April 19, 2016

An old school picture of TFMW left side high pipes from 2010

Birth of The Factory Metal Works
I vividly remember the day my husband, Lucas, and I began The Factory Metal Works. Lucas had been working on his Triumph in our garage and he was looking for a set of left side high pipes. After scrolling the internet with no luck on a quality set he felt was worthy of being on his build, he told me he could easily make these…a few days later, Lucas had completed his project and they…looked…fantastic! My husband is an entrepreneur at heart, always has been. (I’ll tell you the story of his business ventures in his past on another post…it’s colorful…you won’t want to miss that one) Here’s when it happened.  It was 2008, before we had our two boys (who are now 6 in just a few weeks, and almost 4) I was relaxing after a long day at work when Lucas sat by my side and excitedly presented his idea. He explained to me how, after he finished his pipes, he couldn’t stop thinking about how difficult it was to find something just like what he created anywhere online…not of the same quality and craftsmanship. He told me he was curious how many people were looking for pipes just like the ones he built so he had put a picture of them on ebay and, OVERNIGHT, there were literally 100’s of people watching his item. Lucas was convinced this was something we should pursue and how happy it would make him to bring people across the globe quality built bike parts…parts they were proud to display on their build, parts that were custom made to fit their motorcycle, exactly as they should, tailor fit and hand crafted with skill, down to every tiny detail. That night, The Factory Metal Works was born and we never looked back. 
We are a family owned and operated business and very proud of that. Our small staff is considered family as well. We take care of them like brothers and expect the same level of love, attention and dedication in the work they do as we do our own…and they expect the same of themselves. We have grown a lot since we began our business venture, through ups and downs and learning curves…still, we absolutely love what we do and we will never compromise our promise to our customers since the very beginning…that is, bringing to life, top quality handmade custom parts and bikes to the world. Parts our clients are proud to fit on their motorcycle. Bikes builds that are more a finely tuned work of art than a mode of transportation. We set the bar high and will settle for nothing less. Everything that we build at our shop will be the best, American made piece, you will put on your bike. We thank our customers for years of support and look forward to many many more!